Hi! Welcome! I started this blog on my old website in 2015. It's high time I brought it back! Learning about our connections with the cosmos is often literal, figurative, confusing, simple, constant, changing, evolving, elevating, grounding, full of groundbreaking discoveries, and full of missteps. I have furthered my understanding since 2015, but, like you, I still have a long way to go. This is one artists attempt at playfully condensing all our understanding of the universe into one blog. 

[All posts beyond this point are from 2015]


Horoscopes and The Night Sky, as they Pertain to Me

Continuing to look at my sliver of sky with the help of my NightSky App, and reflecting on my day, as the planetary alignments dictated, paired with my recollections of the day. 

Universal 5.7.2015, Universal 5.8.2015, and Universal 5.9.2015

Digital C-prints


Testing Out My Astrological Skills (or lack there of)

I'll make a prediction for you... retroactively

The New Zodiacal Constellations

It's the 21st century... Time for 12 new ways of seeing the original 12 Zodiacal Constellations!

The Connect-The-Dots Game

What do you see?

Planet X (Part 1: Poor Pluto)

Planet X (formally a theorized planet causing discrepancies in Uranus and Neptune's orbital paths - then formally known as Pluto, and currently known as a dead theory) and a partial history in certainty:

Playing a Game of Connect-the-Dots with Virgo the Virgin

Virgo, the constellation, is seen as a sign of fertility. The Babylonians saw the constellation as an ear of corn belonging to the goddess of agriculture and compassion, who may or may not have been the wife of the god of fertility. The brightest star in the constellation, Spica, means ear of grain in Latin. In ancient Rome, and ancient Greece, she was the goddess of wheat and/or agriculture. Later, she became the virgin goddess holding the scales of justice. In the middle ages, she became a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Today she is referred to as Virgo the Virgin, is depicted and described as lying in the supine position (on her back), and is no longer associated with the scales of justice. She loosely represents fertility. 

If we want to talk fertility, if we want to play an arbitrary game of connect-the-dots, then let's drop the female virgin, on her back, with her legs apart, shall we? What's a real sign of fertility? How about a baby? An infant is the product of good fertility and can vaguely represent a good harvest. A baby can, also, inspire compassion! 

Introducing Virgo the Infant Virgin (Virgin because she is a baby!)

download (11).jpeg

Practicing Writing your own Horoscope

[Original posting May 6, 2015]

The moon is in your visionary 9th house moving from Leo, which makes you creative, expressive, and attention-seeking, to Virgo, which makes you want to heal, help, and fix. Mercury is now joining Venus in your relationship house, which allows ease of interpersonal communications. "Mental Mercury" is also in your organized sector. So, over the course of this day you will be creative, expressive, needy, helpful, communicative, and organized. You run the risk of too openly speaking your mind (you're a woman, remember?). There's a good chance you turned people off by screaming at the news footage of a small riot in Baltimore, "Stop fucking shaming these people for trashing a fucking CVS, and start talking about why they might be so frustrated with their dicked-over living circumstances!" Yep, that did not lead to any civilized discussions about inequality. Though, I guess that does count as being expressive and having an  urge to want to fix things... by yelling at a TV news report. 

Practicing Finding your Day in your Horoscope(s)

What happened on April 26th?

Journal Entry for Sunday, April 26th, 2015:

Eric and I work up early to clean the house before his step mom came home. We scrambled to finish cleaning the kitchen, while my dad talked to his dad. Dad took us to his apartment to wish mom a happy birthday. We walked to brunch; I picked a few cherry blossoms along the way. Dad referred to me as "bossy" when discussing an engagement party. We walked back to the apartment to FaceTime with my brother and his family. I took a few pictures of illustrations for my mom. Started feeling really tired, probably from allergies. Dad dropped us off at home. We picked up some take-out and groceries for Eric's family. He and his sister had some communication issues and were briefly angry at each other. His step mom seemed really down and a little out of it. His Aunt, Step Uncle, Step Aunt, and Dad were all in good spirits. I felt like I was being a pretty decent version of myself. The Step Aunt seemed upset about something that was said and she and her husband left pretty quickly. We watched some TV before going to bed. 

Interpreting My Day after Reading Several Online Horoscopes:

Well, one described me as someone who's "never shy about voicing your opinions about Politics and Religion," which I think is true, but it definitely didn't come up that day. Mostly surface conversations.

I suppose, by my standards, I was communicating well...

That is all I can connect with, retroactively.

Horoscopes & Your Plans

Horoscopes can seem so eerily accurate, sometimes it feels like they've really tapped into your fundamental nature. This magic definitely dissipates once you remember that each horoscope is meant to apply to a 12th of the population, roughly 608,333,000 other Sagittarius people in the world. Are all of us really making progress on a project today - or - is the phrasing of this horoscope broader than I realize? I suppose both could be true?

I read dozens of different daily horoscopes. Some sound like they're contradicting each other, many use almost identical phrasing, but theoretically they're all based on the same celestial information. Well, assuming the phrase "as above, so below" applies here, wouldn't my plans also be a ruling force of my life as well as for others? Do my plans not have gravity, too? Of course, I have seen a horoscope (or two) say "Be prepared for your plans to fall through today." But, on that day, isn't that just the cosmos outweighing me?

Rain delay!? You win this time, Cosmos!

Universal 3.17.15 , Universal 3.18.15, Universal 3.19.15

Digital C-Prints


Speeding Through Space

We travel around the Sun at 1000 miles/hour. Our solar system travels around the center of the galaxy at 490,000 miles/hour. The Milky Way, as well as our neighboring galaxies, move 2.25 million miles/hour towards the Great Attractor, 150 million light-years away.

Our path spirals around the sun as it wobbles it's way above and below the Galactic Plane or equator, taking 26,000 years to complete this cycle. This path of our solar system is known as The Ecliptic. We transitioned across the Galactic Plane, into the "northern" hemisphere of the Milky Way, at the end of 2012.

I mention this spirally and wobbling through space, because - and I'm sure I'm not alone here - I didn't know. You know what else I didn't know? That all the visible stars in our night sky are within our galaxy. That fact may be more within "common knowledge," but, regardless, these things are probably not as widely known as they should be. THIS IS OUR HOME! DON'T YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOU'RE HOME?! Sorry. Again, my understanding of how the hell the stars of, seemingly, unchanging constellations have any sway over our lives is in many ways based on relational distances between everything whirling around out there (in here? around here.). Seeing how varied our celestial paths are, during various ages, helps bring some clarity, at least for me, in beginning to make sense of a 25,000 +/- tradition of paying attention to our surroundings. 

Spiraling like a cyclone. Creating a vortex. Looks like the Double Helix? ...except with more strands? The More-than-Double Helix?   

Spiraling like a cyclone. Creating a vortex. Looks like the Double Helix? ...except with more strands? The More-than-Double Helix?


March Lions (follow-up)

Edit: If you look at the shape from the other side, like - instead of the lion head being on the right, the head is on the left - it looks just like a mouse. Let's say, a wind-up toy mouse? A la Looney Toon chartoons? Sound good?

March 2015 Predictions

My March 2015 Sagittarius horoscope - How will this month go? What are some key components deciding which advice to give my kind? What is a Sextans? How does that constellation look like a lion? What's Jupiter up to this time? Let's find out.

Stars and Horoscopes (February 17 - March 15), AKA - The Bare Minimum, the Amurican Way

I spent a month reading all the daily horoscopes the internet could offer and trying to align their mystical advice for me with how the stars were situated over my dwellings. I was working off of the assumption that how the stars, moon, and planets align with us, as well as with each other, is what has sway over our lives; that, somehow, gravitational pull strengthening on one side of us and weakening on another is the imperceptible change that effects us daily. So, I'm attempting to make the same celestial observations that were documented to have been made and utilized 25,000 years ago, accept I'm doing it with both hand tied behind my back. Trying only to make sense of what's visible at a certain time of night, through a window that shows only a sliver of the sky.


[Original posting April 23, 2015