Horoscopes & Your Plans

Horoscopes can seem so eerily accurate, sometimes it feels like they've really tapped into your fundamental nature. This magic definitely dissipates once you remember that each horoscope is meant to apply to a 12th of the population, roughly 608,333,000 other Sagittarius people in the world. Are all of us really making progress on a project today - or - is the phrasing of this horoscope broader than I realize? I suppose both could be true?

I read dozens of different daily horoscopes. Some sound like they're contradicting each other, many use almost identical phrasing, but theoretically they're all based on the same celestial information. Well, assuming the phrase "as above, so below" applies here, wouldn't my plans also be a ruling force of my life as well as for others? Do my plans not have gravity, too? Of course, I have seen a horoscope (or two) say "Be prepared for your plans to fall through today." But, on that day, isn't that just the cosmos outweighing me?

Rain delay!? You win this time, Cosmos!

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