Playing a Game of Connect-the-Dots with Virgo the Virgin

Virgo, the constellation, is seen as a sign of fertility. The Babylonians saw the constellation as an ear of corn belonging to the goddess of agriculture and compassion, who may or may not have been the wife of the god of fertility. The brightest star in the constellation, Spica, means ear of grain in Latin. In ancient Rome, and ancient Greece, she was the goddess of wheat and/or agriculture. Later, she became the virgin goddess holding the scales of justice. In the middle ages, she became a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Today she is referred to as Virgo the Virgin, is depicted and described as lying in the supine position (on her back), and is no longer associated with the scales of justice. She loosely represents fertility. 

If we want to talk fertility, if we want to play an arbitrary game of connect-the-dots, then let's drop the female virgin, on her back, with her legs apart, shall we? What's a real sign of fertility? How about a baby? An infant is the product of good fertility and can vaguely represent a good harvest. A baby can, also, inspire compassion! 

Introducing Virgo the Infant Virgin (Virgin because she is a baby!)

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