Practicing Finding your Day in your Horoscope(s)

What happened on April 26th?

Journal Entry for Sunday, April 26th, 2015:

Eric and I work up early to clean the house before his step mom came home. We scrambled to finish cleaning the kitchen, while my dad talked to his dad. Dad took us to his apartment to wish mom a happy birthday. We walked to brunch; I picked a few cherry blossoms along the way. Dad referred to me as "bossy" when discussing an engagement party. We walked back to the apartment to FaceTime with my brother and his family. I took a few pictures of illustrations for my mom. Started feeling really tired, probably from allergies. Dad dropped us off at home. We picked up some take-out and groceries for Eric's family. He and his sister had some communication issues and were briefly angry at each other. His step mom seemed really down and a little out of it. His Aunt, Step Uncle, Step Aunt, and Dad were all in good spirits. I felt like I was being a pretty decent version of myself. The Step Aunt seemed upset about something that was said and she and her husband left pretty quickly. We watched some TV before going to bed. 

Interpreting My Day after Reading Several Online Horoscopes:

Well, one described me as someone who's "never shy about voicing your opinions about Politics and Religion," which I think is true, but it definitely didn't come up that day. Mostly surface conversations.

I suppose, by my standards, I was communicating well...

That is all I can connect with, retroactively.