Practicing Writing your own Horoscope

[Original posting May 6, 2015]

The moon is in your visionary 9th house moving from Leo, which makes you creative, expressive, and attention-seeking, to Virgo, which makes you want to heal, help, and fix. Mercury is now joining Venus in your relationship house, which allows ease of interpersonal communications. "Mental Mercury" is also in your organized sector. So, over the course of this day you will be creative, expressive, needy, helpful, communicative, and organized. You run the risk of too openly speaking your mind (you're a woman, remember?). There's a good chance you turned people off by screaming at the news footage of a small riot in Baltimore, "Stop fucking shaming these people for trashing a fucking CVS, and start talking about why they might be so frustrated with their dicked-over living circumstances!" Yep, that did not lead to any civilized discussions about inequality. Though, I guess that does count as being expressive and having an  urge to want to fix things... by yelling at a TV news report.