Stars and Horoscopes (February 17 - March 15), AKA - The Bare Minimum, the Amurican Way

I spent a month reading all the daily horoscopes the internet could offer and trying to align their mystical advice for me with how the stars were situated over my dwellings. I was working off of the assumption that how the stars, moon, and planets align with us, as well as with each other, is what has sway over our lives; that, somehow, gravitational pull strengthening on one side of us and weakening on another is the imperceptible change that effects us daily. So, I'm attempting to make the same celestial observations that were documented to have been made and utilized 25,000 years ago, accept I'm doing it with both hand tied behind my back. Trying only to make sense of what's visible at a certain time of night, through a window that shows only a sliver of the sky.


[Original posting April 23, 2015